Package org.w3c.www.protocol.http.cache.push

Class Summary
Client PushCache Client - send messages to push cache server
PushCacheFilter PushCacheFilter Based heavily on (much code stolen from) CacheFilter The important differences are in the initialization where the PushCacheListener is started, and in ingoingFilter where if the requested resource is present in the cache and is a PUSH resource, then the resource is returned immediately without checking for expiry etc.
PushCacheHandler PushCacheHandler Created by PushCacheListener to handle a dialogue with a client
PushCacheListener PushCacheListener Accepts incoming connections on specified port number and creates PushCacheHandler objects to handle dialogue with client.
PushCacheManager Singleton class to manage push cache.
PushCacheProtocol PushCacheProtocol Characteristics of the protocol used to control the push cache, and methods for common operations
PushEntityCachedResource PushEntityCachedResource EntityCachedResource that reads data from the file rather than attempting to use ActiveStream to tee output to a client that is not there.
PushReply PushReply "Forged" Reply for resources inserted into the cache from a push source Created by PushCacheHandler on receipt of an "ADD" request
SimplePushCacheValidator SimpleCacheValidator with modified behaviour to avoid cleaning resources that have been pushed into the cache