Interface PropRequestFilter

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AuthFilter, CacheFilter, CookieFilter, DebugFilter, ICPFilter, MICPFilter, ProxyDispatcher, PushCacheFilter

public interface PropRequestFilter
extends RequestFilter

The PropRequestFilter interface. This interface extends the basic requestFilter interface, in order to allow the implementing filters to be set through the org.w3c.www.protocol.http.filters property.

To set a PropRequestFilter through this property, you just need to define the property to a | separated list of PropRequestFilter compatible class. Upon initialization, the HttpManager will read this property value, and initialize all these filters in the global scope.

Method Summary
 void initialize(HttpManager manager)
          Initialize this filter, using the provided manager.
Methods inherited from interface org.w3c.www.protocol.http.RequestFilter
exceptionFilter, ingoingFilter, outgoingFilter, sync

Method Detail


void initialize(HttpManager manager)
                throws PropRequestFilterException
Initialize this filter, using the provided manager. During initialization, it is up to the filter to install itself in the manager, by invoking the appropriate setFilter method.

manager - The HttpManager initializing the filter.
PropRequestFilterException - If the filter couldn't be initialized properly.