Class CookieFilter

  extended by org.w3c.www.protocol.http.cookies.CookieFilter
All Implemented Interfaces:
PropRequestFilter, RequestFilter

public class CookieFilter
extends java.lang.Object
implements PropRequestFilter

Client side CookieFilter :

Field Summary
static java.lang.String COOKIES_FILE_P
          The absolute Path of the file use to store cookies.
protected  HttpManager manager
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean exceptionFilter(Request request, HttpException ex)
          An exception occured while talking to target server.
 Reply ingoingFilter(Request request)
          The request pre-processing hook.
 void initialize(HttpManager manager)
          Initialize this filter, using the provided manager.
 Reply outgoingFilter(Request request, Reply reply)
          The request post-processing hook.
 void sync()
          Synchronized any pending state into stable storage.
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String COOKIES_FILE_P
The absolute Path of the file use to store cookies.

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protected HttpManager manager
Constructor Detail


public CookieFilter()
Method Detail


public Reply ingoingFilter(Request request)
                    throws HttpException
The request pre-processing hook. Before each request is launched, all filters will be called back through this method. They will generally set up additional request header fields to enhance the request.

Specified by:
ingoingFilter in interface RequestFilter
request - The request that is about to be launched.
An instance of Reply if the filter could handle the request, or null if processing should continue normally.
HttpException - If the filter is supposed to fulfill the request, but some error happened during that processing.


public Reply outgoingFilter(Request request,
                            Reply reply)
                     throws HttpException
The request post-processing hook. After each request has been replied to by the target server (be it a proxy or the actual origin server), each filter's outgoingFilter method is called.

It gets the original request, and the actual reply as a parameter, and should return whatever reply it wants the caller to get.

Specified by:
outgoingFilter in interface RequestFilter
request - The original (handled) request.
reply - The reply, as emited by the target server, or constructed by some other filter.
HttpException - If the reply emitted by the server is not a valid HTTP reply.


public boolean exceptionFilter(Request request,
                               HttpException ex)
An exception occured while talking to target server. This method is triggered by the HttpManager, when the target server (which can be a proxy for that request) was not reachable, or some network error occured while emitting the request or reading the reply headers.

Specified by:
exceptionFilter in interface RequestFilter
request - The request whose processing triggered the exception.
ex - The exception that was triggered.
A boolean, true if that filter did influence the target server used to fulfill the request, and it has fixed the problem in such a way that the request should be retried.


public void sync()
Synchronized any pending state into stable storage. If the filter maintains some in-memory cached state, this method should ensure that cached data are saved to stable storage.

Specified by:
sync in interface RequestFilter


public void initialize(HttpManager manager)
                throws PropRequestFilterException
Initialize this filter, using the provided manager. During initialization, it is up to the filter to install itself in the manager, by invoking the appropriate setFilter method.

Specified by:
initialize in interface PropRequestFilter
manager - The HttpManager initializing the filter.
PropRequestFilterException - If the filter couldn't be initialized properly.