Package org.w3c.jigadmin.editors

Interface Summary
RemoteNode The interface for remote nodes.
ServerEditorInterface Interface for server editors.
ServerHelperInterface The interface for server helpers.

Class Summary
AddFramePanel A widget used to select a frame class.
AddResourcePanel A widget used to select a resource class and its identifier.
AdminServerEditor The admin server editor
AttributeEditorFactory The AttributeEditor factory.
AttributesHelper The Attributes helper
ControlServerHelper The server helper for the control resource.
FrameBrowser A JTree used to manage frames.
FramedResourceHelper The resource editor.
IndexersServerHelper The server helper dedicated to the indexers.
MiniBrowser A mini HTML browser.
MyHTMLEditorKit A special HTMLEditorKit that handle mouse event.
MyHTMLEditorKit.LinkController Our MouseListener.
PropertiesServerHelper The server helper dedicated to the properties.
RealmsServerHelper The server helper dedicated to the Realms
RemoteFrameWrapperNode The TreeNode for Frames
RemoteResourceWrapperNode The TreeNode for Resources
ResourceCell A wrapper of classname, used in dnd feature.
ResourceTreeBrowser A JTree used to manage RemoteResource.
ResourceTreeUI The UI of the ResourceTreeBrowser
ServerEditor The server editor.
ServerEditorFactory The ServerEditor Factory
ServerHelperFactory The server helper factory.
SpaceServerHelper Server Helper for resources space.
TransferableResourceCell The transferable ResourceCell