RDFPic is a tool to embed an RDF description of a picture into the picture itself, as described by Describing and retrieving photos using RDF and HTTP.

The source code and documentation is available, as well as a ready-to-run jar file (java 1.2 or better is needed).

To run it, just type "java -jar rdfpic.jar"
rdfpic-2.1.zip [448Ko]
rdfpic-2.1.tar.gz [448Ko]
rdfpic-2.1.tar.bz2 [447Ko]
Source and Source Documentation
rdfpic-2.1-dev.zip [183Ko]
rdfpic-2.1-dev.tar.gz [88Ko]
rdfpic-2.1-dev.tar.bz2 [54Ko]
rdfpic snapshot

You can also browse the readme directly, as well as the source code readme.

2000/08/16: Now able to view read-only images.

2000/08/17: Changed extension mechanism and DC:Subject field as a result. Width/Height/Size of image can be requested from RdfPicCore now.

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