Rdfpic 2.1 Source Code

Rdfpic is a program to attach RDF metadata to an image. Only the jpeg format is currently supported. A Java 1.2 runtime environment is required. This package only contains the source code for Rdfpic. You will need the compiled package if you wish to compile the source since you need SiRPAC and some parts of Jigsaw to do so. Alternately, you could get Jigsaw and SiRPAC separately. Since rdfpic uses the swing GUI, you will need to have it installed. Anything below jdk 1.2 has not been tested, though it is possible it will compile (perhaps with minor changes) on jdk 1.1 if you have the optional swing libraries.

See the COPYRIGHT file for copyright information.


As of this writing, SiRPAC is maintained by Sergey Melnik. More information can be found at his Rdf Api page.

Jigsaw is the W3C's web server. More information can be found at W3C's Jigsaw page.

Comments on version 2.1 to Yves Lafon <ylafon@w3.org> or Bert Bos <bert@w3.org>. Version 2.0 was made by Eamon Nerbonne.