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HTTP/1.1 PUT Tool.


Winie is a network utility to put files on the web using HTTP/1.1. The main feature of Winie is its ability to solve the "lost update problem" by storing ETags (like Web Commander) . Winie use the client side api of Jigsaw, the W3C Web server.

Note: Winie needs at least jdk1.2.2 (there is a bug in Classloader of jdk1.2.1).

PUT, GET and DELETE files on the web
Version conflict detection, see "The lost update problem"
Retries when connection closed (like wget does)
Upload all files located in a directory (recursively or not)
Support for proxies (HTTP, SOCKS)
Support for metadata configuration (language, charset)

The Basics

Benoît Mahé
Philippe Le Hégaret (Misc contributions)
Yves Lafon (Digest Authentication)
Hugo Haas (Debian Packages)
Jean-Philippe Orsini (Red Hat Package)
Marc Hadley (MacOS X Package)
Coralie Mercier (Smart logos)
Karl Dubost (Bug reports)
Mailing list
The www-winie@w3.org is a public mailing list for open discussions about Winie. To subscribe to the Winie mailing list send a mail to www-winie-request@w3.org with "subscribe" in the subject.
WebDAV Support
DnD GUI? (Big problems on Windows)

Release Notes

Winie 1.0.10 - March 26th 2006
New HTTP Client stack from Jigsaw
Winie 1.0.9a - November 10th 2003
Packaging issue fixed
Winie 1.0.9 - August 1st 2003
HTTP conformance (validators, retries)
HTTP stack deadlock fix
Winie 1.0.8 - March 9th 2001
Bug fix for Digest Authentication in recursive PUT
Added basic support for Content-Language (not auto-checking)
Winie 1.0.7 - November 17th 2000
Basic support of Digest Authentication
Bug fixed with Base64 Encoded password.
Preferences directory is now ".winie" instead of "winie"
Keyboard shortcuts
Cursor change in delete component
Bugs Fixed
Winie 1.0.6 - August 17th 2000
URL/File Synchronization in GUI
New logo, a smart little beaver (thanks to Coralie)
All known extensions are listed in Preferences
Bugs fixed
Winie 1.0.5 - August 07th 2000
Executable jar added in distribution
Bug fixed: BufferredInputStream replaced by a new FileInputStream that support mark/reset.
Better notification & error messages
Bug fixed in the Jigsaw Client API with proxy HTTP/1.0 and 413 replies.
Abort feature modified, no more ugly window
New option: "Do not upload CVS dirs"
New buttons
And many bugs fixed...
Warning: The CLASSPATH may have to be updated, jar files are no more in Winie/classes/ but in Winie/jars/.
Winie 1.0.4 - March 29th 2000
Bug fixed: NullPointerException when downloading in a directory that doesn't exists.
Save the current directory in all FileChooser.
now you can specify another config directory (java -Dwinie.pathconfig=yourdir ...)
Winie 1.0.3 - November 30th 1999
General Properties
Bug fixed: XML Properties and '\'
Bug Fixed: SOCKS configuration
Mime Types added
Winie 1.0.2 - November 24th 1999
Status Bar
Mime-Type configuration (in preferences)
Preferences stored in XML
SOCKS Proxy support (in preferences)
Auto Upgrade feature
Directory Upload can be aborted
Bugs fixed
Winie 1.0.1 - October 25th 1999
Bugs Fixed
Winie 1.0 - October 21st 1999
Multiple selection
bugs fixed
Winie 1.0b2
Console for directory upload
Mini Browser for help
Winie 1.0b
GUI added
Download Cache options
JWPut 1.2 (Winie 0.9)
JWPut and JWGet handle HTTP Redirections.
Users can add their own HTTP headers.
New design.
JWPut in package org.w3c.jwput
JWPut 1.1 (Winie 0.8)
JWGet added.
DELETE method supported.
Retry after connection closed.
WPut 1.1 (Winie 0.7)
Bug fixed release.
ETags supported.
WPut 1.0 (Winie 0.6)
First release.
Proxy supported.
Basic Authentication.
Recursive PUT.