AboutFrame - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.AboutFrame.
A simple dialog that shows the authors of rdfpic.
AboutFrame() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.AboutFrame
aboutMenu - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
accept(File) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ExtensionFileFilter
accept(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CheckedDialog
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaLoader
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
active - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaTxtDrv
add(URL) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.URLVector
addBuiltin(String, CboxMaker) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
Adds a CboxMaker to use when when a specified predicate is encountered as builtin.
addExtension(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ExtensionFileFilter
addImgListener(ImgListener) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
addingSchema() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaListener
Called when a schema is added.
addingSchema() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
addingSchema() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
addP() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
addSchema(URL) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Adds a schema to the schema list's end.
addSchemaListener(SchemaListener) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
addStatement(Statement) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2MetaLoader
addTo(Model, String, String, String) - Static method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
addURL(URL) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Adds a URL of a picture to the end of the file list.
advance() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
applyButton - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
applyItem - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
attachLangInfo(Model) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore


bufsize - Static variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
builtin - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfSchema
builtinMap - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
builtinP() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
builtinSchema(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Sometimes, you want special functionality in a schema.


canRead() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMeta
canRead() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
Returns whether the image is readable.
canRead() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.imagedrv.JpegMeta
canRead() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
Returns whether the file is readable.
canRead() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SubPHandler
canRead() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler
canRead() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler
canWrite() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMeta
canWrite() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
Returns whether the image is writable.
canWrite() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.imagedrv.JpegMeta
canWrite() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
Returns whether the file is writable.
canWrite() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SubPHandler
canWrite() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler
canWrite() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler
canWrite() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Returns whether the file is writable or not - falsely returns true when in doubt (esp.
CboxMaker - interface org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CboxMaker.
A CboxMaker provides support for builtin functionality, e.g.
cbuf - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
CheckedDialog - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CheckedDialog.
CheckedDialog is a simple way to ask the user for correct string input.
CheckedDialog(JFrame, Checker, String, String, String, String, String, JButton, boolean) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CheckedDialog
Creates and initializes a CheckedDialog.
checkEnabledStatus() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
checkEnabledStatus(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
checker - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CheckedDialog
Checker - interface org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.Checker.
A class implementing this interface must be able to verify the validity of input to a CheckedDialog.
checkInput(String, String) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.Checker
Must return whether the input is acceptable.
checkInput(String, String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
clone() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaFileDrv
clone() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaTxtDrv
contentType() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
Returns, if available, the MIME type of the url's contents.
contentType() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SubPHandler
Returns the MIME type of the loaded file.
contentType() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler
contentType() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler
core - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImageLoader
core - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaLoader
core - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
core - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
createPane(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
current - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
current - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
currentImg - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler


dataPane - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
dataSource - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
an object responsible for keeping track of the rdf data.
DCSubjectCbox - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCbox.
DCSubjectCbox() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCbox
DCSubjectCboxMaker - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCboxMaker.
This is a special purpose class to provide functionality for the Subject field of the DC schema.
DCSubjectCboxMaker() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCboxMaker
DCSubjectCheckBoxRenderer - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCheckBoxRenderer.
This is a special renderer for the ComboBox of the DC:Subject field so that it can contain Checkboxes.
DCSubjectCheckBoxRenderer() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCheckBoxRenderer
defaults - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfSchema
defaultVal(int, int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
defs - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
desc - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ExtensionFileFilter
dialog - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
die(Throwable, String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
disableSchema(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Disables a schema.
disablingSchema(int) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaListener
disablingSchema(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
disablingSchema(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI


effJpeg - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
effSchema - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
elementAt(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.URLVector
enableSchema(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Enables a schema, meaning the rdf-info contained in it will be output in a save operation.
enablingSchema(int) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaListener
enablingSchema(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
enablingSchema(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
end - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
endModel() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2MetaLoader
errMessage - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CheckedDialog
errMsg - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
contains an explanation of the current error, or null if there isn't any.
errTitle - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CheckedDialog
expl - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfSchema
expl - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
exportRdf - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
exportRDF(File) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Exports the RDF to a text file.
ExtensionFileFilter - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ExtensionFileFilter.
ExtensionFileFilter() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ExtensionFileFilter
extract() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
extractRaw - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
extractRaw(File) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Extracts the raw contents of the image's comment into the given file.
extras - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
stores an rdf-model of the statements that weren't understood.
extSet - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ExtensionFileFilter


fc - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
fileMenu - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
fileName(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Returns the filename of the ith file in the file list, or "" if the index is out of range.
filePH() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
Initializes a helper class to deal with file:// urls.
FilePHandler - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler.
FilePHandler is an implementation of SubPHandler for the file:// protocol.
FilePHandler(URL) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler
fileSize() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
Returns the size of the file loaded (measured in bytes)
finishJump() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
font - Static variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane


genSelectImageItems() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
genToggleSchema() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
getAboutText() - Static method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.AboutFrame
Returns the message as a displayable UI component.
getData(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Returns a Model of the data according to RdfDataProducer.
getDescription() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ExtensionFileFilter
getFileSize() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
Returns the size of the image file loaded in bytes.
getImg() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
Returns a (cached) Image of the graphical data of the file currently loaded.
getImg() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Returns the image of the current file.
getImgFileSize() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Retrieves the size of the current file.
getImgHeight() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Retrieves the height of the current image.
getImgWidth() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Retrieves the width of the current image.
getIS() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
Returns a readable InputStream from the url.
getLang() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
gets the language (of the rdf) of the active file.
getListCellRendererComponent(JList, Object, int, boolean, boolean) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCheckBoxRenderer
getNodeFactory() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2MetaLoader
getPos() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Returns the currently active file's index.
getPreferredSize() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScaledPhoto
getReadBuf() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SubPHandler
After initialization, all data must be buffered.
getReadBuf() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler
getReadBuf() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler
getSchema() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
getSelectedItem() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCbox
getURL() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
Returns the active URL.
getURL() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Returns the URL of the currently active file.
go(RdfPicCore) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
Activates the UI


handler - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
The handler is responsible for embedding text data into an image.
hasItem(Object) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.MemComboBox
hasJumped(String) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgListener
Is called when the load is finished.
hasJumped(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
hasJumped(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
httpPH() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
Initilizes a helper class to deal with http:// urls.
HttpPHandler - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler.
HttpPHandler is an implementation of SubPHandler that deals with the HTTP 1.1 protocol.
HttpPHandler(URL) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler


ignoreToggle - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
im - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
ImageLoader - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImageLoader.
Image loader is a class that places load requests for new images in a new thread so that the UI does not lock up when a file takes long to load.
ImageLoader(RdfPicCore) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImageLoader
Creates a new ImageLoader.
imageMenu - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
imgIcon - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScaledPhoto
ImgListener - interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgListener.
For all those that want to know when the image is changed, or a new one is added etc.
imgListeners - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Lists of objects to notify when an event occurs.
ImgMeta - interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMeta.
Instances of ImgMeta classes must handle reading and writing text comments.
ImgMetaHandler - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler.
A class to get and send meta (text) data to image files.
ImgMetaHandler() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
imgVUpdate() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgListener
Is called when the vector of images has changed.
imgVUpdate() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
imgVUpdate() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
importRdf - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
importRDF(File) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Imports RDF from a text file.
in - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
indent - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RDFSerial
INDENT_LEVEL_STR - Static variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RDFSerial
indentStr - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RDFSerial
index - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
the index of the active file (in picV).
index - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
insertRaw - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
insertRaw(File) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Inserts the unaltered contents of the given file into the image's comment.
isEnabled(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Returns whether or not the schema with the given index is enabled.
isJumping(int) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgListener
Is called when a load request is put.
isJumping(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
isJumping(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
isSpecial() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
isStr() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
isWhite() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
itemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI


JpegMeta - class org.w3c.rdfpic.imagedrv.JpegMeta.
A class to get and send meta data to JPEG files
JpegMeta(ProtocolHandler) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.imagedrv.JpegMeta
Initialize using the given ProtocolHandler.
jumpRel(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Go to the file i further than the current file.
jumpSafe(boolean) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
jumpTo(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Selects and makes active a file with the given index.


langcode - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
The code of the languge used in the rdf Description.
langsel - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
load(ImgMetaHandler, RDFParser) - Static method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2ImgMeta
Loads a Model from the given ImgMetaHandler with help from the RDFParser.
loadData() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Loads the rdf embedded in the image.
loadData(Reader) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
loadThread - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
an object that deals with placing the loading activity into another thread.
lockInput() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane


Main - class org.w3c.rdfpic.Main.
Rdfpic is a program to attach meta-data to images (currently jpeg's).
Main() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.Main
main(String[]) - Static method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.Main
Loads the UI (SimpleUI) and the core (RdfPicCore) and loads the files listed on the command line
mainP() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
make() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
manager - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler
MemComboBox - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.MemComboBox.
MemComboBox is a JComboBox that will add any new items selected automatically to the list of items contained.
MemComboBox() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.MemComboBox
MemComboBox(ComboBoxModel) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.MemComboBox
MemComboBox(String[]) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.MemComboBox
MemComboBox(Vector) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.MemComboBox
menuBar - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
model - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2MetaLoader
msg - Static variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.AboutFrame
The "about" message.
msgID - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CheckedDialog
MyJCheckBox - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.MyJCheckBox.
MyJCheckBox() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.MyJCheckBox


name - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfSchema
namedefP() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
newCbox(String) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CboxMaker
Called by a SchemaTabbedPane upon encountering a field starting with an underscore in a schema with the builtin bit enabled.
newCbox(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCboxMaker
newFileLoaded() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CboxMaker
Called by a SchemaTabbedPane whenever a new image file is (successfully) loaded.
newFileLoaded() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCboxMaker
nextButton - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
nextItem - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
nextToken() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
numFiles() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
numPredicates(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
numSchemas() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore


opnames - Static variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCbox
options - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCbox


paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScaledPhoto
paintIcon(Graphics, int, int, int, int, Color) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScalableImageIcon
persistent - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
ph - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
ph - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.imagedrv.JpegMeta
PH_badURL - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_badURL.
Thrown by ProtocolHandler if its URL isn't legal or isn't supported, or is otherwise faulty.
PH_badURL() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_badURL
PH_badURL(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_badURL
PH_IOError - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_IOError.
Thrown by ProtocolHandler when an IO error is encountered.
PH_IOError() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_IOError
PH_IOError(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_IOError
PH_noRead - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_noRead.
Thrown by ProtocolHandler on reading errors.
PH_noRead() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_noRead
PH_noRead(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_noRead
PH_notFound - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_notFound.
Thrown by ProtocolHandler if its URL seems otherwise legal but the file is not found.
PH_notFound() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_notFound
PH_notFound(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_notFound
PH_noURL - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_noURL.
Thrown by ProtocolHandler if it doesn't have a URL to work with.
PH_noURL() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_noURL
PH_noURL(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_noURL
PH_noWrite - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_noWrite.
Thrown by ProtocolHandler on writing errors.
PH_noWrite() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_noWrite
PH_noWrite(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_noWrite
PH_unknownProtocol - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_unknownProtocol.
Thrown by ProtocolHandler upon encounting an unknown protocol.
PH_unknownProtocol() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_unknownProtocol
PH_unknownProtocol(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PH_unknownProtocol
PHException - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PHException.
A generic exception by ProtocolHandler
PHException() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PHException
PHException(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PHException
photo - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
PHWarning - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PHWarning.
A PH error that might be OK.
PHWarning() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PHWarning
PHWarning(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.PHWarning
picV - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
the list of files.
predExpl(int, int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
An Explanation of the purpose of the predicate.
predicateName(int, int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
predicates - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfSchema
prevButton - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
prevItem - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
ProtocolHandler - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler.
ProtocolHandler abstracts read/write access to a URL independant of the protocol.
ProtocolHandler(URL) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
Creates a new ProtocolHandler instance with the given url and buffers it's contents
put(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RDFSerial
putln(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RDFSerial


quit() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImageLoader
Shuts down load thread.
quit() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
quitNow - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImageLoader


Rdf2ImgMeta - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2ImgMeta.
Rdf2ImgMeta provides two handy models that connect the SiRPAC package to the ImgMetaHandler, essentially setting up Reader's and Writer's handily.
Rdf2ImgMeta() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2ImgMeta
Rdf2MetaLoader - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2MetaLoader.
Provides a "sink" for all the rdf-data found when parsing an puts it into a model.
Rdf2MetaLoader(Model) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2MetaLoader
Construct and add all rdf statements to the given model.
RdfDataProvider - interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfDataProvider.
An RdfDataProvider is responsible for dealing with all rdf data that RdfPicCore produces/needs.
RdfPicCore - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore.
RdfPicCore provides a unifying shell around the various IO issues, schemas, and the like, while attempting not to implement any UI specific features.
RdfPicCore(SchemaFileDrv, URL[], URL[]) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Initializes the core with the given schemas, pictures, and schema driver.
RdfPicError - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicError.
An exception caused by a RdfPic.
RdfPicError(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicError
RdfPicSyntaxException - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicSyntaxException.
Thrown when a syntax error occurs during parsing.
RdfPicSyntaxException(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicSyntaxException
RdfSchema - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfSchema.
A record to place data concerning Rdf schemas.
RdfSchema() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfSchema
RDFSerial - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RDFSerial.
A simple RDFSerializer.
RDFSerial() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RDFSerial
read() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMeta
read() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
Reads the text embedded in the file.
read() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.imagedrv.JpegMeta
Reads the textual comment embedded in the JPEG.
read() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
Reads the entire file.
read() - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaFileDrv
reads a schema definition from a file
read() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaTxtDrv
read() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
readable - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler
readable - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler
readBuf - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
readBuf - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler
readBuf - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler
reindent() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RDFSerial
reload() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImageLoader
Puts a load request.
reload() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
remake() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
remove(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.URLVector
removeBuiltin(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
removeURL(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Removes the URL of the picture at the given index from the file list.
run() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImageLoader
Starts the loading thread, in which load requests will later execute.


save(Model, ImgMetaHandler, RDFSerializer) - Static method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2ImgMeta
Saves a Model to the given ImgMetaHandler with help from the RDFSerializer.
saveData() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Saves the rdf currently available to the image.
ScalableImageIcon - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScalableImageIcon.
An ImageIcon that scales to fit as opposed to remaining constantly sized.
ScalableImageIcon() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScalableImageIcon
ScalableImageIcon(Image) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScalableImageIcon
ScalableImageIcon(URL) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScalableImageIcon
ScaledPhoto - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScaledPhoto.
Scales pictures to fit without changing the aspect ratio, using ScalableImageIcon.
ScaledPhoto() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScaledPhoto
schema - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
schemadrv - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
an object responsible for parsing and serialzing a schema.
schemaEnabled - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
stores whether a schema is active or not.
SchemaFileDrv - interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaFileDrv.
A class implementing SchemaFileDrv should be able to serialize and parse some format for storing schema definitions into the format used internally, RdfSchema.
SchemaListener - interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaListener.
For those classes that need to know when a schema is added/removed or enabled/disabled.
schemaListeners - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
Lists of objects to notify when an event occurs.
SchemaLoader - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaLoader.
Provides a dialog box to ask the user which schema to load.
SchemaLoader(JFrame, RdfPicCore) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaLoader
Set's up the dialog box, without yet displaying it.
schemaName(int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
schemas - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
all loaded schemas.
SchemaTabbedPane - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane.
Displays a tabbed pane for editing values of fields for an image.
SchemaTabbedPane(RdfPicCore) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
SchemaTxtDrv - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaTxtDrv.
A class to store/load schemas.
SchemaTxtDrv() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaTxtDrv
selectImageGroup - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
selectImageItems - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
selectImageMenu - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
separatorStr - Static variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
serialize(Model, Writer) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RDFSerial
setAlt(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScaledPhoto
Sets the text to display when there is no icon set.
setDescription(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ExtensionFileFilter
setIcon(ScalableImageIcon) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScaledPhoto
Sets the image that should be displayed
setLang(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
sets the language (of the rdf) of the active file.
setRdfDataProvider(RdfDataProvider) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfPicCore
setSelectedItem(Object) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.DCSubjectCbox
setSelectedItem(Object) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.MemComboBox
SetupIncompleteException - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SetupIncompleteException.
An exception indicating that RdfPicCore wasn't correctly setup.
SetupIncompleteException() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SetupIncompleteException
SetupIncompleteException(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SetupIncompleteException
setURL(URL) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
Selects (and fully buffers!) an image.
setURL(URL) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaFileDrv
set the url of the schema definition file
setURL(URL) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaTxtDrv
setVal(int, int, String) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfDataProvider
setVal(int, int, String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
show(Component) - Static method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.AboutFrame
Shows the "about" message.
SimpleToken - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken.
A really simple "tokenizer".
SimpleToken(char[], char[], char, BufferedReader) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
SimpleUI - class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI.
A simple UI for RdfPic.
SimpleUI() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
size() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.URLVector
specials - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
sph - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
start() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaLoader
Displays the dialog box.
startModel() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.Rdf2MetaLoader
startupCode() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.MemComboBox
stringDelim - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
strP() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
SubPHandler - interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SubPHandler.
A class exporting this interface must deal with a specific protocol.
sync() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImageLoader
Synchronizes image - finish loading.
syncLoop() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImageLoader
Waits until something happens, process it, and start over...
syncNeeded - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImageLoader
SyntaxException - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SyntaxException.
An exception thrown by the simple parser used for the schema files.
SyntaxException(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SyntaxException


tabs - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
test() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
text - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.ScaledPhoto
textField - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.CheckedDialog
textField - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaLoader
theFile - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler
titleStr - Static variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
toggleSchemaItem - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
toggleSchemaMenu - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
tokGen - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
TxtSchemaParser - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser.
A parser for a simple schema definition language.
TxtSchemaParser(SimpleToken) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser


UnknownImgTypeException - exception org.w3c.rdfpic.core.UnknownImgTypeException.
This exception is thrown when the type of image is unknown and thus the image cannot be loaded.
UnknownImgTypeException() - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.UnknownImgTypeException
UnknownImgTypeException(String) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.UnknownImgTypeException
URI - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfSchema
uridefP() - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser
url - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
url - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
url - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler
urlsV - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.URLVector
URLVector - class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.URLVector.
URLVector is essentially a wrapper around Vector so typecasting isn't necessary.
URLVector(URL[]) - Constructor for class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.URLVector


valOf(int, int) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RdfDataProvider
valOf(int, int) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SchemaTabbedPane
vec - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.TxtSchemaParser


whites - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SimpleToken
windowActivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
windowClosed(WindowEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
windowClosing(WindowEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
windowDeactivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
windowDeiconified(WindowEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
windowIconified(WindowEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
windowOpened(WindowEvent) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI
wr - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.RDFSerial
writable - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler
writable - Variable in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler
write(byte[]) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ProtocolHandler
Writes the entire file (overwriting if necessary).
write(byte[]) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SubPHandler
Overwrites file with given data...
write(byte[]) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.FilePHandler
write(byte[]) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.HttpPHandler
write(RdfSchema) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaFileDrv
writes (overwrites) a schema definition to a file
write(RdfSchema) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.SchemaTxtDrv
write(String) - Method in interface org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMeta
write(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.core.ImgMetaHandler
(Over)writes the text embedded in the file.
write(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.imagedrv.JpegMeta
Writes a textual comment, embedding it into the JPEG.
writeEnable(boolean) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI


yetTodo(String) - Method in class org.w3c.rdfpic.ui.SimpleUI