Package org.w3c.jwput.gui

Interface Summary
HistoryListener The listener interface for receiving history events.
JWDialog Interface for Winie Dialogs

Class Summary
BrowseListener Link an History Object to FileChooser
DeleteComponent A JTabbedPane allowing user to delete a file on the web
FileDialog Winie's Dialog used to get a Filename
History History is a set of String (associated to a JComboBox)
HistoryEvent An Event which indicate that an History Event occured
JWBorder Used to create Winie specific borders
JWGUI Winie's Graphical User Interface
JWMenu Winie's MenuBar
JWPreferences Dialog allowing user to set his preferences
LanguageDialog Winie's Dialog use to select Languages
Languages Utilities about languages
LoadComponent A JTabbedPane allowing user to get a file from the web
LogDialog Winie's Console.
MessageDialog Winie's Dialog used to display messages
PasswordDialog Winie's Password dialog
QuestionDialog Winie's question dialog
SaveComponent A JTabbedPane allowing user to put a file on the web
StatusBar A classical status bar
StringDialog Winie's String dialog